Ola is our 3 year old Red Female

She is from a long line of Reds on both sides 

She has only been bred with our Wally 

Litter 1 was 4 red puppies

Litter 2 was 3 dapples and 2 black and Tan

Ola weighs 8 lbs

Loving once she gets to know you!

(Canadian Kennel Club)

Ola is now retired and loving it.


He has Fathered many litters as he is also Studded out.

He is Chocolate & Tan Dapple

His parents were Chocolate & Tan Dapple (Mom)

Blue and Tan (Dad)

Wally is very small he is only 6 lbs.

Very Loving!

(Canadian Kennel Club) 

Wally is now retired and living in Elliot Lake with my sister


Therapy Dog Only

No Breeding

Zoe is our only long haired girl.

Her mom is long haired Chocolate & Tan

Her Dad is Long haired Red.

Zoe is going to be a therapy  dog, Only! 

She is the most loving and loves attention. She is training for her Certification. (On Hold Because of Covid)


Lizzy is a Chocolate & Tan 

She is very shy till she gets to know you.

Next heat should be February,


April is a Red

Her mom is Black & Tan 

Her Dad is Red Piebald

April should be coming into heat early 2020

Rosewood Wyatt

Wyatt comes from Rosewood Kennel in Ohio.

He is full of life and is very spoiled, 

He is ready waiting on the girls

Rosewood Samson (Sammie)

Sammie comes from Rosewood Kennel 

He is a beautiful Red Dapple 

He is so loving and playful.

(Also Waiting on the ladies)


This is Charlotte

She is a beautiful Chocolate Based Red

Future Dam

Very Loving and In the curious stage  


Stanley is what started this for us. He is 17 years old and retired from working, he spends his days in front of the fireplace.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Stanley, November of 2019, He may be gone but will never be forgotten. xoxoxoxo